*Insufficient sleep because of time spent on homework

*Too many projects

*Difficulty understanding assignments

*Problems managing school and a full-time or part-time job

*Depressed and unhappy

*Homework and assignments too stressful

*Difficulty balancing projects and home responsibilities

*Cannot concentrate in class



Our Service


We assist you with projects, homework, assignments, theses

and dissertations.


Submit your assignment or request a date and time for tutoring by filling out our online form.


We will reply within 24 hours.


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Special Offer


For a limited time, 4th April, 2013 to 10th April, 2013 we will proviode free assistance with your questions.


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Arrangements for Payment


Money orders or Paypal is accepted.


$5 US per page or $5 US per hour for tutoring in our online



For projects more than 10 pages the fee is $3 US per page


Our qualified tutors provide assitance with any subject


Projects are completed within one week or less.


A same day service is also available.